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DJ service

Open format DJ with two decades of expertise spanning festivals, nightclubs, corporate events, weddings, and sporting events. DJ Mister • E sets the perfect vibe with his ability to read the crowd, executing seamless mixes, and curating an unforgettable experience with the perfect playlist to keep the dance floor rocking'.

content creation

A versatile videographer and editor specializing in crafting captivating content for various purposes, including branding, marketing, social media growth, and entertainment. Producing content that shines on every occasion.

Graphic DESIGN

Creative artist who specializes in crafting eye-catching designs, including logo creation, social media posts, marketing flyer designs, and one-of-a-kind advertisements. Transforming ideas into visually compelling and impactful graphics


Unique blend of guidance in the dynamic fields of content creation, conceptualization, entrepreneurship, and graphic design. With a wealth of experience, helping clients thrive in creative and business ventures.



DJ Mister•E is celebrated for his exceptional versatility within the industry, showcased by his remarkable skill in intuitively understanding and adapting his sets to suit the preferences of his audience. Referred to as a "Modern DJ with classic influences," he earned the distinction of being one of the top open format DJs in 2019 according to Gigmasters' rankings. Notably, DJ Mister•E assumed the role of the official DJ for both the San Diego State University football and basketball teams in 2015, a title he holds to this day. His prominence extended even further when he took center stage as a featured DJ on the NFL Network's acclaimed show, GameDay Prime, starring alongside Deion Sanders and LaDainian Tomlinson for two seasons. This prominent position paved the way for him to become the on-air DJ for the ESPN show BallerzWorld.

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Hailing from Southern California, Robert Ortiz (also known as Mr. Everyth1ng) was raised in an environment that fostered his passion. Engaging in sports throughout his upbringing ultimately led him to college football and eventually the NFL. Alongside his athletic pursuits, he established a presence as a DJ, entertaining audiences at diverse events and venues. These experiences honed his ability to gauge crowds and curate playlists spanning a myriad of musical styles and genres. Thus emerged his moniker, "Mr. Everything," a reflection of his unmatched versatility and expertise.

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